Wind Cave at Bau Sarawak

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Where is Wind Cave of Sarawak?

Situated at the river bank of Sarawak River, Wind Cave at Bau is one of the few famous cave found in Kuching area. It is about 30 kilometers from Kuching, the capital city of Sarawak.

Wind Cave is a smooth, tubular limestone cave with many limestone pillars, stalacites and stalagmites formed during the Jurrassic-Cretaceous period, about 60 million years ago. There are plankwalk built by the local government here to ease visitors to walk inside the cave. You can walk from one side of this outcrop to the other exit to view those beautiful stalacites and stalagmites inside the cave.

Once inside this cave, you will feel extremely comfortable because there is constant cool breeze that blows throughout the cavern. This cool breeze is how this cave got it’s name. As the cave is actually very dark, you will need a torch light in order to see clearly and for safety purpose. You can walk along the plak walk that guide you to explore the cave from one end to the other. Most of the passage inside the cave are generally wide and easy to walk through.

This cave is the dwelling place for thousands of bats and Black Nest Swiftlets. High pitched squeaking sounds from the bats can be heard inside here. If you are lucky, you may spot the Swiftlets’ nests, which is made from swiftlets glutinous saliva, hanging around the rock’s wall.

The Wind Cave’s has been gazetted as a nature reserve to protect the cave and its inhabitants, for example squirrels, shrews and birds that dwell inside the forest surrounding the hill.

Outside of the cave, there is a river that run through it. This is one of the branches of Sarawak River, called Sarawak River Kanan, where “Kanan” means right side in Malay word. During dry season, the water level is low and you can actually come down to the river bed to enjoy the cool and crystal clear flow of water, or just have a picnic on the short stretch of sand beach. However, when it is raining, the river will be flooded and the current is very fast, and everybody should stay away from going near to the river bank at this time.

As Wind Cave is surrounded by thick natural forest, you may also see some squirrels, shrews and various type of birds that dwell inside these forests.

If you are adventurous type, Wind Cave is one of the good destination in Kuching area for you to explore the limestone structure (stalactites and stalagmites) inside the cave and the vast natural forest surrounding the cave.

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