Rose Romance 2023 at Gardens by the Bay

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Rose Romance 2023

Prepare to be captivated as the Flower Dome of Gardens by the Bay Singapore is proudly unveils the majestic return of Rose Romance 2023, a spellbinding showcase brought to life in collaboration with the esteemed Embassy of Italy in Singapore. From Jun to July this year, get ready to immerse yourself in the regal presence of the Queen of Flowers, as this magnificent floral extravaganza unfolds before your eyes. The air will be infused with an irresistible allure, as the essence of romance fills every corner of the dome. This is an event you won’t want to miss! Especially when you are here in this garden city of Singapore.

Rose Romance 2023 at Gardens by the Bay Singapore
Rose Romance 2023 at Gardens by the Bay Singapore (picture courtesy of Gardens by the Bay)

Venue: Flower Dome (Gardens by the Bay)

Date: 2Jun2023 – 16Jul2023

Time: 9:00am – 9:00pm

Indulge in a blooming spectacle of love and romance as the Flower Dome of Gardens by the Bay proudly presents Rose Romance, a delightful collaboration with the Embassy of Italy in Singapore. Get ready to be whisked away to the enchanting region of Puglia, nestled in the sun-kissed embrace of southern Italy—a sought-after wedding haven renowned for its charming whitewashed hill towns adorned with iconic trulli. These traditional limestone houses, with their whimsical conical roofs, have earned a well-deserved spot on the prestigious UNESCO World Heritage List. Now, amidst this breathtaking landscape of picturesque trulli and stunning roses, you can feel the magic of love lingering in the air. Get ready for a truly heartwarming experience just in Flower Dome here!

Rose Romance 2023 at Gardens by the Bay Singapore

What To See in Rose Romance 2023

The Trulli of Alboerobello

Alberobello is a charming town nestled in the heart of Puglia! Prepare to be enchanted by over 1,500 whimsical stone huts, affectionately known as trulli, that dot the narrow streets like a magical maze. Each and every trullo boasts a unique cone-shaped roof, reminiscent of a fairytale dome, giving it a character all its own. And atop these delightful roofs, there is some handcrafted sandstone pinnacles that proudly display the skilled craftsmanship of the stonemasons who brought these structures to life.

Trulio at Rose Romance Flower Dome

These pinnacles are like cheerful ornaments, adding a touch of whimsy and personality to each trullo. Observe carefully for the white symbols painted on the roofs, including adorable hearts that bring good luck to the inhabitants. It’s no wonder that this enchanting site has earned the prestigious UNESCO World Heritage status. Get ready for a journey filled with joy, wonder, and the irresistible magic of Alberobello’s trulli right here in Garden by the Bay now!


Let’s dive into the wonderful world of Puglia’s most famous decorative treasure—the pumo! Picture a cute little rose bud surrounded by vibrant young leaves, bursting with the essence of spring, rebirth, and all things new and exciting.

Pumo Rose Romance Gardens by the Bay

Hailing from the enchanting town of Grottaglie, the pumo holds a special place in the hearts of Puglia’s locals. It’s like a magical charm that brings good luck wherever it goes. You’d usually find these charming pumos in pair gracing the ends of balconies, perched on terraces, and standing tall beside majestic columns. And guess what? Newlyweds have a special treat! Pumos come in pairs, just like lovebirds, to shower the happy couple with wishes of endless joy, prosperity, and a bountiful future.

But here’s the cherry on top: tradition has it that a young man, head over heels in love, would offer his future wife a pumo as a promise of his unwavering affection. How romantic is that? It’s like saying, “Hey, darling, I’m here to shower you with love, happiness, and dreams come true!”

Countryside Wedding

You will find this perfect setting (a masseria) for a wedding ceremony and reception right in the Flower Dome. A masseria is a 16th century’s fortified farmhouse found in the villages of Puglia, Italy. Nowadays, most of the masserias have been reconstructed and converted into big, enchanting wedding venues, luxurious hotels or just a big homes.

Masseria Wedding Setup at Flower Dome Gardens by the Bay
Masseria Wedding Setup at Flower Dome Gardens by the Bay

Featured Roses

Standard Roses

Standard roses, also known as tree roses, boast a single tall stem resembling a small tree, crowned with leaves and flowers. Therefore they sometimes are called tree roses. They make a dramatic statement, ideal for drawing attention to focal points in the garden or framing doorways. By grafting at least two shrubs onto a stem, these floral wonders bring elegance and height to borders, planter beds, and bare walls. Their versatility shines as they define pathways and add vertical charm to any outdoor space.

Rose Romance 2023 Flower Dome
Rose Romance 2023 Flower Dome

With their majestic presence and captivating beauty, standard roses can transform gardens into enchanting havens, captivating the hearts of all who behold them easily.

Shrub Roses

Shrub roses are the delightful outcome of combining old-rose and modern rose varieties, resulting in a splendid array of sizes, colors, growth patterns, and fragrances. These resilient and robust roses are known for their reliable and generous blooming, treating us with a profusion of flowers from summer through autumn, and often enduring until the arrival of the first frost. With their open and spreading form, shrub roses boast single, semi-double, or fully double blooms that create a captivating impact when gathered together. Their charm lies in the collective beauty they create, forming a stunning tapestry of petals.

Rose Romance 2023 Flower Dome
Rose Romance 2023 Flower Dome

Miniature Roses

Miniature roses are exquisite petite replicas of their larger counterparts, possessing the same dazzling array of colors, forms, substance, and oftentimes, fragrance. Ranging in height from 15 to 120 centimeters, these petite beauties exhibit bushy, compact, climbing, or cascading growth habits. Don’t be fooled by their small size, for miniature roses possess equal allure and are often easier to cultivate. These perfectly scaled wonders capture hearts with their undeniable charm, offering a delightful alternative for those seeking the beauty of roses in a more manageable package.

Rose Romance 2023 Flower Dome
Rose Romance 2023 Flower Dome

Make Flower Dome a Must-Visit in your Singapore Tourist Attractions List

Indulge in a blooming affair of romance and enchantment at Flower Dome’s Rose Romance 2023 event, where you can immerse yourself in the mesmerizing beauty of Italy style of Puglia-inspired landscapes adorned with picturesque trulli and a stunning array of roses. Don’t let the chance slipped from your hands.

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