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JAPAN: ASIA MOST Popular Tourist Destination

Japan is a mix of energies and panoramas. A lot of nuances of this destination transforms it into one of the most visited in the world receiving around 8 million average tourists every year.Then, you will know 10 tourist places in Japan that you can not miss: Tokyo is the main Japan Tourist Destinations in Japan. Its main attractions result from a mix of culture, society, and politics, qualities that give this city a unique and special character for any visitor. Undoubtedly, Tokyo is an unforgettable destination.


Top 10 Japan Tourist Destinations You Don’t Want To Miss

Tokyo Disneysea Is The Best In The World

Tokyo DisneySea is ranked as the best Disney theme park anywhere in the world. I think it is rare to make the uncertain opinion when you call something the best, but this park is so good, that I am convinced that I have no contribution to protection. One day I met a conversation with Tokyo DisneySea fans asked if Tokyo DisneySea is the best Disneyland theme park world. I had similar discussions in person among other situation, so I thought it would be a fun topic to discuss.

I have to take Tokyo DisneySea to go beyond Disneyland (and all other Disney theme parks) when you look at objective (or as close as possible to the goal) analysis, which is the “best” theme park. I think Disneyland raises the conversation “best theme park in the world” for two main reasons: nostalgia as well as its pioneering status.

Nostalgia for a large number of Disneyland fans and Walt Disney World grew up in these parks, and much of their love for parks are full of idealized memories of the past.

Tokyo DisneyTokyo Disney

Mysterious Island And Tower Of Terror

Almost all Disney fans, who wants to go to Tokyo DisneySea mentions the mysterious island company because they were the main reason for their visit. The mysterious island that is proud, you can imagine that.

Tower of Terror-Tower of Terror and the Big Beat Band are Disney at its best, and there are even ocean liner and a Teddy theme show.

Disney Mysterious IslandTower of Terror


Osaka is another vibrant large Japanese city and boasts of a lot of Japan Tourist Destinations. It’s one among the most important ports and malls in Japan. It combines history and modernity. Osaka is undoubtedly a destination you can not miss.


Mitsui Outlet Park Osaka Tsurumi

Mitsui Outlet Park Osaka Tsurumi is one of Osaka Premium Outlet, Mitsui Outlet Park Osaka Tsurumi was opened more than 2 decades in Osaka, and its unique appearance is thanks to a retractable roof. The 3rd, the 4th and also the 5th floor of this mall have a wide range of domestic and imported brands. The signs are usually a casual side, and 60 stores share the space.

They range from sports / exceptional brands, such as Nike and Adidas, fashion and variety stores. Although this mall is one of the of the best Osaka Premium Outlet as well as the smallest on the Osaka lists, this mall has recommended it in its favour as it is only 30 minutes using the train from Osaka train station.

Weekends and public holidays will take place on the regularly- the Third Floor live music shows and events, with space for about 300 people. It;s a nice place to shop or perhaps buying stuff driving with your family or if you just want to have a fantastic day.

Mitsui Outlet Park Osaka Tsurumi

Kishiwada CanCan Bayside Mall

The mall Kishiwada cancan Bayside is in Osaka and is Kishiwada located, and again this Osaka Premium Outlet is very commercial complex, which is an exotic environment based on the image of the British port for the storage center. This very shopping center consists of 2 buildings, one of which is called east, which consists of community specialty stores, while the second west consists of the shopping and cinema center.

Here are 100 domestic and import trade, ranging from fashion, interior design, variety, and much more. Because it is built on the beach, all of the restaurants offer stunning views of the sea. Additionally, you will find the United Cinemas Kishiwada, one of the largest cinemas in the Kansai region and various other parks attractions, so it’s Osaka Premium Outlet tourists.

This place can be a bit short output shops, but it is ideal for those who want to enjoy it all. Whenever you are tired of your purchase, you can always go to the movies and relax, and the enjoy the ocean view from the restaurants! A ten-minute drive from Kansai International Airport.

Kishiwada CanCan Bayside Mall

Rinku Premium Outlets

Rinku Premium Outlets is a great size model of a mall with over 200 stores. It is located in Rinku Kansai International Airport across the street. Its ideal location, only a 20-minute shuttle from the airport and its beautiful scenery is based in Charleston, an American port city, is considered great Osaka Premium Outlet by many folks.

People feel great as they like shopping in an atmosphere like a resort.

You can find famous domestic and imported products such as the Banana Republic, or Coach, but they have a wide variety of shops, ranging from household products, shoes, bags, accessories and even to restaurants. You can buy here all day or just stop right here a few hours before the flight. There are lockers with coins, which will help you with your luggage.

Rinku Premium Outlet

Kiyomizu-Dera Temple Is One Among Best Japan Tourist Destinations

Kiyomizu-Dera Temple featured a unique tour around the temple supervised by an English-speaking priest for foreign guests. The sightseeing tour starts at Otowa Waterfall, an area with an intense link to the origin of the temple. A clarification is given of the wonderful water that welled up even before the temple was constructed.

Originally the restorative waters were considered to answer different prayers, as well as people who drank from the stream can get the same true blessing. These days, folks believe that the flows could separately answer prayers for great results while at school, good health, and then romantic relationships. First of all, you’re going to pay a visit to Fudo, the God of Fire enshrined so strong in the waterfall, and also ladle out the treating water from one among the streams for a drink. Trip participants seem to take pleasure in this interesting experience.

Kyoto Kiyomizu Dera Temple

Wakura-Onsen Hot Spring

The popular Wakura-Onsen Hot Spring is recognised as among the very best high-end Japan Tourist Destinations as well as hot spring resorts in Japan and then as the ocean’s hot spring. It is truly located in the Nanao City of Ishikawa, at the core area of the Noto-hanto Peninsula firmly sticking into the Sea of Japan and also facing lovely Nanao Bay. The Wakura-Onsen hot spring bears a lot of reasons to entice over one million travellers from both Japan and even overseas each year. Among them, its best attraction has to be found in its abundant volume of warm water and then superb location by the sea so that you can relax as well as bath in nature’s natural beauty.

Wakura Onsen Hot Spring

Visit Hokkado In Your Japan Tour

Hokkaido is the 2nd biggest, northernmost and then least developed of Japan’s 4 major islands. The climate is unpleasant in winter with a lot of snowfall, below zero temps and even frozen seas, throughout summer time it does not get so hot and even humid as with the other parts of Japan.

With its own natural nature, Hokkaido, among the finest Japan Tourist Destinations allures a lot of outdoor enthusiasts, such as skiers and also snowboarders in the wintry seasons as well as hikers, cyclists, and even campers from June to September, you’re going to love and enjoy this pretty location.

Hokkaido Hokkaido


Enjoy Japanese Tea Culture In Matsue

Matsue, the center city of Shimane, is well known for its unique tea culture. You could traditionally try Japanese style tea ceremony, or perhaps you may just benefit from casual tea ceremony viewing the gorgeous scenery.

The consuming rate of tea in the area is without-a-doubt around five times the nationwide average. Nearly all Japanese tea is created from dried tea leaves. To prepare, you only put in leaves as well as hot water in a teapot and then wait around for them to get infused. The leaves stay in the teapot as they are not consumed, thus don’t skip here as you visit most Japan Tourist Destinations.

Tea Culture

Himeji Castle

This is considered the best existing example of Japan’s fortress architecture. It was fortified to defend itself from the enemies during the feudal period, it’s on among the Japan Tourist Destinations, however, it has been reconstructed a lot of times all through the centuries and then reflects the different periods of design. He survived the bombing of World War II and is often seen in domestic and foreign films, including the James Bond film “Only You Live Twice.

Himeji Castle

JAPAN: Asia Most Loved Travel Destination

Finally, there you have it on Japan Tourist Destinations, never visit Japan without seeing all these locations simply because they have a lot of meaning in Japan history, their rising and much more.


Book your tour to Japan now to experience its culture in its entire splendour. It is not without reason that tourists who visits Japan return home very satisfied. You may check out the best of Japan Hotel Package here->HERE.

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