Enjoy and Explore True Native Culture at Annah Rais Bidayuh Long House

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Annah Rais Bidayuh Long house is a popular destination for tourists who visit Sarawak. It is located close to the Malaysia-Indonesia border, which is about 100km from Sarawak Capital City, Kuching. It is situated on a hillside next to a clear river with some spectacular scenic surrounding it.

Annah Rais Longhouses is one of the several working one that are easily accessible from Kuching. It has the best kept tradition and authentic architecture among these rare longhouses in modern world. While individual houses are prevailing in other area, the villagers here are practicing communal living, which is very rare in today world.

Their traditional and communal way of lifestyle is largely untouched by modern civilization.

Apart from some modern amenities, it has managed to retain its traditional look even though it is a tourist hot spot.

The longhouse is the home to some 100 Bidayuh families, which is the second largest ethnic in Sarawak. Most villagers are farmer who are planting paddy, cocoa, pepper and fishing.

The architecture of the longhouses building is very unique; it is raised on posts, stretches for 200 feet long and 40-50 wide. The floor is made from strips of Bamboo. As each of this strips is split from big Bamboo, each strips is about 2-3inches wide and nearly flat.

All of these are firmly tied down with rattan. As the rounded surfaces of the bamboo is very smooth, your foot will feel very comfortatble when walk upon barefooted.

There is a river run beside Annah Rais Longhouses. Further upstream is hot springs that you can soak yourself in and enjoying the natural hot spa.

There is a wonderful 3-tier waterfall nearby too, where you can splash natural cold water in it. You may hire a local guide to go for activities like jungle trekking, bamboo rafting and spearfishing.

The trip is a back to nature experience, full of green nature and culture. For most urban dweller, the longhouses provide urban dweller a fascinating glimpse into how the Malaysia native continues to live in this modern civilized world. It is a great alternative to a full on expedition t the Sarawak interior. With the warm hospitality of the friendly villagers there, you
will definitely like this trip and wouldnt want to leave.

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